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Andy's Reports

Wednesday 9th May 2018

Match day Headline

"High Fives all round and great Respect from and given to all players, teachers and spectators taken to a new High” on the final day of league matches played under a clear blue sky and weather +18C.

On behalf of my colleague Connor and myself, I wish to thank all of you for your wonderful participation and support throughout the season, we hope everyone has enjoyed these past few months. I know that we have had a great experience working with you all and it has been my pleasure to support you and also build a super personal relationship, long may it continue.


Match Day Statistics

Schools Division 1 - 4 - 57.1%

Schools Division 2 - 5 - 71.4%

Players - Division 1 - 33

Players - Division 2 - 43

Total                        - 76



Division 1               -   8

Division 2               -   8

Total                      -  16


18 matches of 10 minute duration of which 7 were league and 11 were friendlies.

Out of 7 league encounters, 3 were draws, 1 was 0-0 and the other 2 were 1-1. 3 others ended up with 1-0 wins. Close encounters indeed.

6 goals scored in Division 1 league games - average 3.0 per game

6 goals scored in Division 2 league games - average 1.2 per game

12 goals scored overall - average - 1.7 goals per league match

Average Round - turnaround - 5 minutes


Football Pundit Highlights

"ARH player ( number 11 shirt) has a super left foot, perfectly lining up for her shot at goal, hits the ball from the edge of the left hand side of the box with the lace of her boot and scores inside  the right hand post, not only does she do it once, no, twice in fact, wonderful technique and clinical finishing, well done player"

"Forest Lodge goalkeeper, you must take a bow, what wonderful goalkeeping and shot stopping. Best save of the afternoon came from her tipping a cracking shot over the bar to keep her team in the match, well done young lady".

What a great afternoon of football with 76 players full of energy, running, dribbling, turning, passing and having some great shots on goal, well done to all of you.

Finally, thank you to all Teachers, Coaches and to my colleague Connor for their participation and support throughout the afternoon and ensuring all the players enjoyed their day.

Wednesday 2nd May 2018

Match Day Headline

"Biggest Car Park Chaos", the M 25 is said to be the biggest car park in the UK, well, we created mayhem at New College. I arrived at 3.20pm, gates locked, phoned reception to have gates opened, cars build up in line, backed up towards ring road, 90 girls, 21 teachers/coaches hoping we have not caused too much congestion, all is well, the gates are open to everyone's relief, no parking fines yet!!!. This is an exception as New College is very good on response time and Wayne and his team have done great throughout the season".


Match Day Statistics

Schools Division 1 - 5 - 71.4%

Schools Division 2 - 6 - 85.7%

Players Division 1 - 44

Players Division 2 - 46

Total                        90

Teachers/Coaches Division 1 - 10

Teachers/Coaches Division 2 - 11

Total                                           21


18 matches of 8 minutes duration of which 12 were league and 6 were friendlies.

6 draws of 0-0

3 wins of 1-0

3 wins of 2-0

Average Round - turnaround - 3 minutes

 3 Goals scored in Division 1 league games - average - 0.5 per game

 6 Goals scored in Division 2 league games - average - 1.0 per game


 9 goals scored overall - average 0.75 goals per match

6 draws - 0-0

3 wins - 1-0

3 wins - 2-0

12 close encounters, great to watch!!!!


Football Pundit Highlight

Keeping it short this week, don't want to bore everyone. A lovely sunny day, blue sky and brilliant smiles on the players faces in anticipation for a great and enjoyable afternoon of football

"Free kick on the edge of the box, player 20 yards out on the left hand side of field of play, measures up, positioning herself left side of ball, curls the ball with her right foot and scores at the near left side of the goals, wonderful shot and great technique". Well done player.

It was a great afternoon of football with 90 players fully engaged throughout the 6 rounds of football, providing the usual entertainment of passing, running, dribbling, turning and shooting, most importantly having fun and enjoying the occasion.

As each month goes by, it never ceases to amaze me about the amount of support that Teachers/Coaches give in every session. It is truly exceptional; their preparation in getting their players ready, their support in sorting out the pitches and refereeing when required is so much appreciated, thank you to you all.


Finally, thank you to my colleague Connor your participation and significant contribution to the success of the afternoon session.

See you all on the final league fixtures on Wednesday 9th May.

Monday 30th April 2018

Match Day Headlines

What a turnout of schools in the last session of the league matches, some with only one league game to play, others only two league games, but wait for it, some arrived with no league games whatsoever !!! I think all players, teachers and coaches should take a bow, well done and thank you.

The venue was again ready, thank you Sam of Judgemeadow CC


Match Day Statistics

Schools - Division 1 - 5 - 83.3% attendance

Schools - Division 2 - 3 - 50.0% attendance

Players - Division 1 - 45

Players - Division 2 - 31

Teachers/Coaches - Division 1 – 8

Teachers/Coaches - Division 2 - 4

9 matches were played of 15 minutes duration of which 2 were league and 7 were friendlies

Average Round - turnaround 7.5 minutes

League goals scored - Division 1 - 5 - 2.5 per match

League goals scored - Division 2 - No league games played


Football Pundit Highlights

"It was a sunny afternoon, a little bit chilly with +10C and it was great to see the energy and focus that the players had throughout each match. We had the usual passing and movement, dribbles, running with the ball, what amazed me was the amount of drag backs and changes of direction we had during each match. Not only was it great to watch, the close control was superb, well done to all the players"

"I give my congratulations to the midfielders for their build up play and assisting the strikers in scoring, however, the goalkeepers from Mowmacre Hill and Merrydale Juniors caught my eye, their distribution of the ball and their shot stopping was wonderful to watch, well done to you both.

My colleague Sukh had a cracking final match on pitch 1, with end to end play, a 6 goal thriller in Manilla ending in a 3-3 draw" Well done to all the players for a great finish to the league season.

It has been a great pleasure to work with all the Teachers/Coaches today and throughout the season, their support has been fantastic, they have ensured players were ready and took responsibility in refereeing a number of matches, thank you to you all.

Finally, thank you to my colleague Sukh for his invaluable support and contribution, not only the success of today, but throughout the season, thank you Sukh.

Thursday 22nd March 2018

Match Day Headline

"Schools at Aylestone Rec venue take up New College Challenge".

They arrive well in advance, plenty of time to do their warm - up in what was a pleasant sunny afternoon, blue skies and +9c. Thank you to the 15 Teachers/Coaches for ensuring we started on time. The Bar is now raised for our next visit to Judgemeadow venue. Can they match it? Bring it on they say!!!!

Thank you to Tudor Grange for giving sufficient notice of not being able to attend due to other commitments.


Match Day Statistics

6 Schools - 85.7% attendance (can we give them 100% as Tudor Grange advised us well in advance?)

50 Players

15 Teachers/Coaches

Round 1 of Fixtures start on time at 4pm

12 matches - 6 matches x 12 minutes and 6 matches x 15 minutes

3 Friendly Matches

9 League Matches

27 League Goals - average 3 goals per match

Average round - turnaround - 7 minutes

Draws - Only 1 - 0-0 this time

Close encounters - 4 - one with the odd goal and the other 3 - by 2 goal margin.


Football Pundit Highlights

"I thought all players work extremely hard during their 4 matches, plenty of focus and energy whilst enjoying playing. Close ball control, neat turns, including once again Cryuff turns, Drag backs, running with the ball and dribbling skills were produced on the day".

A great highlight for me was "The last set piece of the match on pitch 1. One of the teams had a corner kick, the ball is crossed into the opposition goal, and the striker heads the ball into the net with ease.

Well done to all the players.

Football Pundit Highlight from Sarah, my colleague

1 "St John Fisher player receives the ball on the half way line from his goalkeepers goal kick, on receiving the ball, he hits a first time volley straight into the opposition goal from the halfway line"

2 "Millgate/Keyham defenders Frank and Taylor made incredible defensive clearances to get a no scoring draw against Inglehurst Juniors"

Finally, I wish to thank all the Teachers/Coaches for their support, for coaching their players and refereeing on Pitch 3 for the last 2 round of matches.

Thank you to Sarah and Adam my colleagues for once again their great support all afternoon and making a significant contribution to another successful day.

Wednesday 21st March 2018

Match Day Headline


No, not just to the lovely sunny day, blue sky and +8c, I thought that would be good enough!!!!

"Take a Bow, the 15 Teachers and Coaches" - a few stats about them:

Month of February and March - 100% attendance

Month of February and March - arrived on time - kick-off starts early

Smooth delivery all afternoon

Schools at New College throw down the Challenge to the Judgemeadow and Aylestone venues to beat that!!!


Match day Statistics

10 schools - 100% attendance

84 players

15 teachers/coaches

Round 1 of fixtures start 5 minute early

24 matches of 8 minutes duration

Average round - turnaround - 4 minutes

37 goals - 1.54 goals per match

9 Draws - 7 were 0-0 and 2 were 1-1

11 wins were close encounters - of which 6 were 1-0 and 5 were 2 goal difference


As the last report on 7th February stated, precision timing, we finished at 5.25pm, well done to Teachers/Coaches and players for being so responsive throughout the afternoon. It is very much appreciated.


Football Pundit Highlights

"How do you follow on from the accolades to the teachers/coaches for the major contribution they played during the afternoon?”

All players were totally committed for 64 minutes of action packed football, in addition to passing, receiving and running with the ball, I would like to focus briefly on three highlights:


1 Sublime Move - " The Goalkeeper rolls the ball out to his left full back, the full back plays the ball into one of the central midfield players , who then plays the final pass out to his strikers left foot, he proceeds with a superb volley from the left and the ball finishes in the top right hand corner of the net. Awesome"

2 Shot Stopping - "Great defending by defenders, goalkeeper then gets involved, a shot comes in, he clears with body, next shot comes in, he clears with his arm, next shot comes in, he clears with his legs, next shot comes in, he clears with his head!!!!, I stopped the match, checked he was ok, gave him a handshake, I restarted the game with giving him possession of the ball".

3 Set Piece Accuracy - " A Player takes a corner kick on the left, one of his team mates 5 yards out from the left hand post meets the ball and volleys a beautiful finish into the back of the net, clinical piece of finishing".


Finally, and I do hope I have not bored you with this report, I thank all teachers/coaches for their support throughout the afternoon, getting their players ready, refereeing on pitch 3.

Thank you to Connor, my colleague for his invaluable support and contribution in what was a thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable way to spend in an afternoon.

Tuesday 20th March 2018

Match day Headline

Another beautiful sunny day, blue skies with weather at 8C, and venue was well prepared, thank you to Sam of Judgemeadow CC once again.


Team of the Day

Neil/Ian of Linden, Ruhul/Zainab of Medway, Lee/Dipesh of Northfield House and Steph/Stef of Thurnby

My sincere thanks for ensuring your players participated in the matches and were extremely respectful of their opponents at all times.


Match Day Statistics

4 Schools - 44.4% attendance - Apologies received from Herrick and St Patricks

35 Players

8 teachers/coaches

Fixtures started at 4.15pm

3 League matches of 15 minute duration

3 Friendly matches of 15 minute duration

2 Pitches Used

Average round - turnaround - 5 minutes

6 Goals - average 2 per league match

Whilst it was very disappointing that only 4 schools attended it was uppermost in both my colleague Adam and my mind to make it a fun and enjoyable afternoon of football with plenty of match time.

Using two pitches with 4 teams there was plenty of energy, focus and enthusiasm from all players, this coupled with great skills on show was a joy to watch. Close ball control, turning and running with the ball, plenty of drag backs, Cryuff turns and changing direction of play was there in abundance. Very well done to them all.


Football Pundit Highlights

"Two players particularly caught my eye out of the 35 on show, whilst 33 players performed really well, one player from Medway and the other from Thurnby Lodge got my attention".

"Medway number 5 was all over the pitch, demonstrating great technique and skill on the ball, running with the ball, passing and shooting and finishing was lovely to watch and a great example to team mates".

"No apologies on selecting another goalkeeper, this time, Thurnby Lodge goalkeeper was in fantastic form. In one match I refereed, his opponents pressed, shot, put him under pressure, not only did he re-act with great reflexes, he kept his opponents at bay".

Finally, my thanks to my colleague Adam for helping me to refixture matches and for his significant support throughout the afternoon.

Monday 19th March 2018

Match Day Headline

"Forget the Snow and cold bitter weather, players, teachers/coaches were welcomed in sunshine, Blue skies and a clear bright day" with +4C weather.

Thank you to Sam of Judgemeadow for clearing the snow and preparing the pitches, they were in great condition.


Match day Statistics

7 Schools - 100% attendance

59 players

11 teachers/coaches

Round 1 of Fixtures started 4.10pm

15 matches were played x 10 minutes duration - 3 were friendlies

Average round - turnaround - 5 minutes

24 Goals - average goal per league match - 2 per match

3 Draws of 0-0

5 Close encounters, either 1-0 or 2-0 wins

A great afternoon of football once again with players fully engaged from the start. Their positional awareness was excellent, they were aware of where their team mates were and their final pass was good.

One area that stood out for me was a lot of players whilst running with the ball are getting their heads up and knowing when to pass the ball, well done and great to see this from young players.

Another significant improvement is ball distribution from goal kicks, both goalkeepers and defenders are finding their team mates either by rolling (goalkeepers) or kicking the ball to their feet.


Football Pundit Highlight

Got to give it to the goalkeepers again! A cracking shot from the edge of the box by an attacker which I thought was going into the top left hand corner of the net, No!!! The goalkeeper takes off with a flying leap "just like a bird" toward the top corner and tips the ball over the bar for a corner kick. Fantastic save, well done to him and again to all the players for their performance.

Finally, thank you to all Teachers/Coaches for their support throughout the afternoon including their participation refereeing on pitch 3. Thank you to Sukh my colleague for his significant support and contribution in what was a superb day.


Wednesday 7th March 2018

The fixtures played last night were those that should have been played on Wednesday 28th February (postponed due to the weather). Other fixtures will have the same knock on effect.

Due to Overdale Juniors not being able to attend we played on 3 pitches and had 7 rounds, worked out perfectly. Thank you to Overdale Juniors for letting us know in good time to reschedule fixtures. Due to a misunderstanding Fosse left before their last match. I have recommended to Tim that the match between Fosse v Folville be rescheduled later in the programme.


Match Day Headlines


Venue was set up, my thanks to Wayne of New College.

On a clear, bright and sunny afternoon 118 bright eyed and beaming smiling players were welcomed along with 24 Teachers/Coaches, what’s more, all arrived on time to do their warm-ups and get the matches underway at 4.05pm. Thank you to all Teachers/Coaches for arriving on schedule, great effort.


Match day Statistics

  • Schools Division 1 - 7 - 100%    attendance
  • Schools Division 2 - 6 - 85.7% attendance
  • Players Division 1 - 67
  • Players Division 2 - 51

Total                        118

  • Teachers/Coaches Division 1 - 14
  • Teachers/Coaches Division 2 - 10

Total                                           24


  • 20 Matches played (should have been 21, see above reference to Fosse v Folville)
  • Average Round - turnaround 4 minutes 
  • 19 goals scored - average 0.95 goals per match
  • Draws - 7 draws of which 6 were 0-0 and the other 1-1
  • Wins   - 13 wins of which 11 were 1-0


Another day of close encounters with the players showing the usual passing, running and dribbling skills, most importantly, they were enjoying the afternoon and having fun during their matches. Goalkeepers and defenders, as the results and scorelines show, dominated each match. Well done to all the players.


Football Pundit Highlights

My highlight of the day

"Goes to all the teachers/Coaches, from the moment they arrived, the support they gave to Connor and myself was absolutely fantastic, we couldn't ask for more, but they gave it. The response on each round of matches was great and kept us on schedule, thank you to all".

“A special mention to Dominic of Queensmead, Sam of Parks, Rob of Beaumont, Dale of Shaftesbury, Tony of Scraptoft, and Roberto of Dovelands for refereeing on pitch 3. Great support from you all, thank you.

Finally, thank you to my colleague, Connor for his invaluable and significant support throughout the afternoon and contributing to a very successful day for all concerned.

Monday 5th March 2018

Match Day Headlines

"What a difference a Week Makes" Last Monday, 1.0c, this week 10.0c, no snow, no biting cold wind and as the players were welcomed, they all had wide smiles on their faces and were raring to go.

A few thank you moments before going into the match reports. Venue was set up well, my thanks to Sam from Judgemeadow CC.

Thank you to Jake from Humberstone Juniors for letting us know that his school couldn't attend and a big thank to all 14 Teachers/Coaches for their understanding, patience and acceptance of re-arranged fixtures due to a further two schools not attending. Thank you to you all.


Match Day Statistics

  • Schools - Division 1 - 5 - 80% attendances
  • Schools - Division 2 - 4 - 66.7% attendance
  • Players - Division 1 - 38
  • Players - Division 2 - 35
  • Teachers /Coaches Division 1 - 9
  • Teachers/Coaches   Division 2 - 5
  • 12 Matches of 12 minute duration of which 10 were league games and 2 friendlies
  • Average Round - turnaround 5 minutes
  • 15 League goals - average 1.5 per match
  • 2 Draws - both 0-0
  • 4 wins of 1-0

Another great day for the girls who showed great running and dribbling skills, a number of two footed drag backs, back heels and superb shooting and finishing technique. A number of goalkeepers have improved on their distribution by being able to find a team mate when rolling the ball out. Once again, defending was good with players blocking shots and getting in a position to defend.

Well done to all the players


Football Pundit Highlights

My Highlights

"During one match, a players receives the ball in her own half, completes a series of runs and dribbles down the left wing, gets to the goal line, does another turn, looks up, passes the ball to her team mate who is outside the box, the receiving player, with a wonderful volley puts the ball in the back of the net" Great technique and skill from both players.

“Last league game of the evening, Hamilton A v Hamilton B, Matt and Bhavik go Head to Head in their derby encounter. Carl and Syed from Catherine who had a friendly on the next pitch got involved with them and all seemed to enjoy the encounter. Great to watch.


From Matt of Hope Hamilton

"My highlight was the positivity after our 2 games with Abbey. After the final whistle of our games, players from both were complimenting one another without any prompting from adults. Strikers complimenting goalkeepers on their saves, midfielders saying how great opposition tackling was - it was a really good example of great sportsmanship all round and brilliant to see."

Thank you to all teachers/Coaches for their participation and preparation of their players, and for refereeing during the afternoon.

Finally and not least thank you to Sukh my colleague for his support and contribution throughout the session.

Monday 26th February 2018 - Girls Football Report

Match day Headlines

The FA and Leicestershire and Rutland CFA  Respect week of Action 24th February to 4th March  "Respect Pledge" was clearly shown by all players, teachers/coaches, parents and match officials despite the extremely cold weather. One hour before kick-off we came through billowing heavy snow, followed by a lovely blue sky and sunshine, turning very cold at the end of the day.

Creating a Player centred environment today was started with the Teachers/Coaches getting the players organised and ready for each match so that they could enjoy and have fun with their team mates. Thank you to them and the players for "Playing Your Part" of a great afternoon of football.


Match Day Statistics

  • 10 Schools - 83.3% attendance
  • 79 Players
  • 15 Teachers/Coaches
  • 14 Matches of 10 minutes duration of which 12 were League games.
  • Average Round - turnaround 5 minutes
  • 12 League goals - average 1 per match
  • 8 Draws - 66.6% of matches of which 6 were 0-0.


On their first session of the New Year, the girls were full of energy, showing plenty of running, passing and dribbling of the ball. Not many shots on target, however, defenders and goalkeepers did a great job defending their goal.


My Football Pundit Highlight.

"Within a space of 60 seconds the attacking team was given 4 throw ins in succession, taking by the same player, on each of the four throw ins, the same defender, with 4 great defending headers cleared the danger. Perhaps we should replace "Crossbar challenge" with "Throw Ins and Defending Headers Challenge". Well done to all the players.

Once again, thank you to all the Teachers/Coaches for their superb support throughout the afternoon, particularly for taking ownership of refereeing whilst I was re-arranging fixtures.

I also wish to thank Sukh and Tom my colleagues for their involvement through refereeing and making a significant contribution to the success of the afternoon.

Thursday 22nd February 2018

Match Day Headlines

The perfect way to complete a great week of entertainment, blue skies, sunny and despite +3 centigrade everyone one of the players were up for the occasion. Great to see all teams were registered by 3.50pm and for the second month in a row a full turn out, congratulations.


Match Day Statistics

  • 8 Schools - 100 % attendance
  • 70 Players
  • 15 Teachers/Coaches
  • Round 1 of fixtures started at 4pm
  • 15 matches x 12 minute duration
  • Average Round - turnaround - 3 minutes
  • 24 goals - 1.5 goals per match
  • 4 draws of 0-0 and 1 draw of 1-1, 5 wins of 1-0, 3 wins of 2-0 and 1 win of 3-0 - all extremely close and very entertaining matches.



Football Pundit Highlights

My highlight of the day goes to:

“Marriott for their performance throughout the afternoon. Playing with 6 players during each of their 4 matches, drawing 1 and losing 3, 2 of which were very close encounters. Their teamwork, focus, commitment and energy they had was truly wonderful and must be congratulated. The players, along with Anthony and Chris are also given my Team of the Day Award for participating in the league despite only having 6 players; this was a great and superb effort, well done ".

We were truly entertained all afternoon with the usual menu of CPR, controlling, passing and receiving the ball, great shots on target, brilliantly saved by goalkeepers and defenders alike. We also had fast running and dribbling, some resulting in goals being scored. Whilst great technique and skill was shown by midfield and strikers, I think once again defenders and goalkeepers stole the show.

My thanks to all Teachers/Coaches for getting the players prepared for each game and supporting me throughout the afternoon. I will give a mention to Tim of St John's who kindly offered to referee on pitch 1 for the last 2 rounds, thank you.

Finally, but not least to my colleagues Adam and Zukh for their participation and support, they made a significant contribution to the success of the afternoon.

Wednesday 21st February 2018

Match Day Headline

“Forever Young"

Thank you to all Players/Teachers/Coaches and Connor for giving me a great day celebrating my birthday. It was my pleasure to share the afternoon of wonderful football with them.


Match Day Statistics

  • 8 Schools - 100% attendance
  • 66 Players
  • 18 Teachers/Coaches
  • Round 1 of Fixtures started at 4pm
  • 15 matches x 10 minute duration
  • Average Round - turnaround - 5 minute
  • 22 goals - 1.47 goals per match
  • 3 draws of 0-0 - 6 matches of 1-0 wins - extremely close encounters


Football Pundit Highlights

Richard - Referee on Pitch 3

“Congratulations to the goalkeeper of St Mary's Fields in the last game of the evening v Fosse his performance was awesome. The match ended Fosse 1 St Mar's Field 0, it could have been 7, well done goalkeeper".

My Highlight

“Was witnessing a young player running down the left wing, executed a Cryuff turn then a right foot cross to his team mate on the right wing who then, with a low driven shot, put it into the far corner of the net. Wonderful display of technique and skill, well done to the two players"

My Sportsmanship award goes to Amit of ARH, who assisted me in resetting the position of goalposts prior to kick - off, very much appreciated Amit.

It was great to be able to start on time once again at New College as we did in January fixtures. Thank you to all Teachers/Coaches for ensuring all players were there and raring to go. Their preparation prior to each match is first class and shows in the quality of play their players produce in every match. Thank you and your players for a great afternoon of quality football which was very enjoyable to watch.

Finally thank you to my colleague Connor for his superb support and tremendous contribution the success of the afternoon.

Tuesday 20th February 2018

Match Day Headlines

A special thank you to Kyran from Queensmead for refereeing on pitch 3 throughout the afternoon. Great participation and Sportsmanship from him, thank you Kyran.

“What a difference a day makes”

Thank you to Ryan from Abbey B for letting me know in good time that they could not attend the afternoon session. The timing was good as it gave me time to redo fixtures in time for kick off. Thank you Ryan.


Match Day Statistics

  • 7 Schools - 87.5% attendance
  • 64 Players
  • 13 Teachers/Coaches
  • Round 1 of Fixtures started at 4.05pm
  • 12 matches of 15 minutes duration - 11 League and 1 Friendly
  • Average Round - Turnaround 4 minutes
  • 33 Goals in League Games - Average 3 per match
  • 4 Draws, 3 of which were 1-1 and the other a thrilling 3-3


Football Pundit Highlights

Highlights are coming from both Adam, my colleague and myself.


“Great technique and skill coming from the matches on Pitch 1, particularly the thrilling 3-3 draw between Mowmacre Hill and Willowbrook. Goals galore and a superb comeback of one of the teams having been down 2-0 and fighting back for the draw".



“I had an exciting time in all my 4 matches on pitch 2. Lovely football, particularly the fluent passing, dribbling and running off the ball by all teams. In the main, the teams keep to their formations and the players seem to have an understanding of each other’s positional play. A lot of goal scoring opportunities, many from outside the box, with some finding the back of the net. Once again great defending from both outfield players and wonderful shot stopping from goalkeepers. Well done to all the players who were very focused and committed all afternoon".

As always, many thanks to all Teachers/Coaches for preparing their players for each match, for achieving quick turnarounds to ensure players get maximum playing time. Thank you to Adam my colleague for his superb support during the afternoon.

Monday 19th February 2018

Match day Headline

Teachers/Coaches raise the bar with giving me their support in re-arranging fixtures as one school did not arrive. Thank you to them for giving their time and the phrase of "Patience is a Virtue" is true on this occasion, thank you to all of them.


Match day Statistics

  • 6 Schools 85.7% attendance
  • 55 Players
  • 14 Teachers/Coaches
  • Round 1 of Fixtures started at 4.15pm
  • 9 Matches x 15 minutes duration
  • Average Round - turnaround - 5 minutes
  • 9 Goals - 1 goal per match
  • 5 draws, all matches so close.


Football Pundit Highlights

Neil of Woodstock

Hi Andy

"Great evening. The quality of football this evening was fantastic. It's clear that the children are really improving with far better movement and excellent passing. Our final game against Whitehall was brilliant! End to end action with goalkeepers busy"

Thank you Neil.

I will send other highlights through should they be forthcoming.

I would echo what Neil has said,

My Highlights are 

 1 " The players are becoming more confident in the ability which shows through in their passing game, lovely dribbling and turning skills, and their pace is fast whilst keeping the ball close to their feet.

 2 - The competitiveness in all the games is clearly shown by only 9 goals scored in 9 games and all credit to the defenders who put their bodies (and feet) in front of the ball to clear their lines. A special mention to all the goalkeepers, they made many great saves from all angles, safe hands at times, turning the ball round the posts and tipping the ball over the bar.

Well done to all the players.

Finally, a big thank to all the teachers/Coaches once again for their outstanding support throughout the afternoon including taking responsibility for refereeing on pitch 3. Thank you to my colleague Sukh for his invaluable and unstinting support during the afternoon in what was enjoyable despite having to re-arrange matches.

Thursday 8th February 2018

Thank you to both Eyres Monsell and Tudor Grange for letting us know beforehand of not being able to attend. This gave me time to re-arrange fixtures before the session started.

Match day Statistics

  • 5 Schools - 71.4% attendance
  • 43 Players
  • 10 Teachers/Coaches
  • Round 1 of Fixtures start on time 4pm
  • 8 matches of 15 minute duration
  • Average Round - turnaround - 5minutes
  • 16 goals
  • Session finished at 5.15pm

With reduced numbers we used two pitches with the team sitting out each round using pitch 3 as a warm up area.

The 43 players managed to get in maximum playing time and used that period producing great passing and receiving play coupled with closing dribbling skills and running on and off the ball.

Once again some good set pieces from corners with most of them being thwarted by defenders making great clearances, some superb defending headers included.

In addition to the 16 goals being scores, we had a number of "Cross Bar Challenges" following a number of great strikes on goal.

I would like to give a special mention the two goalkeepers used by Hazel, with their team mates under attack for most games, they were great shot stoppers plus their ball distribution was very good. Well done to them and all outfield players for their performances throughout the session.

A particular thank you to all Teachers/Coaches for their support and participation during the afternoon and thank you to Sarah and Adam, my colleagues for their invaluable support in another successful afternoon of football (without any rainfall). At close of play, I advised every one of the Half term Soccer camps, particularly at Beaumont Leys School LE4 0FL on Thursday and Friday 15 and 16th February 9.30am to 4.00pm. All schools were given leaflets with teachers/Coaches agreeing to distribute them. Thank you and we hope to see many school children there.

Wednesday 7th February 2018

Match Day Headline

Players, Teachers and Coaches raise the bar with their precision timing on all levels of performances.

Match day Statistics

  • 10 Schools - 100% attendance
  • 80 Players
  • 16 Teachers/Coaches
  • Round 1 of Fixtures start on time 4pm
  • 24 Matches x 8 minute duration
  • Average Round - turnaround - 3 minutes and 25 seconds
  • 33 Goals
  • 10 draws - 7 were 0-0 and 3 were 1-1
  • 8 wins were by the odd goal
  • Session finished 5.30pm on the dot.


Precision Timing, WOW, what an all-round performance, congratulations to everyone, they even put the Sunny blue skies and cold weather into second and third place.

Wonderful technique and skill were on the menu again, close control of the ball, double footed drag backs whilst changing direction, running and dribbling with the ball and plenty of movement off the ball. Well done to all the players.

There were many highlights on all three pitches and I have asked Teachers and Coaches to send their highlights, in the meantime, I have two to share.


“I had the pleasure of refereeing two matches involving Christ the King B and my Man of the match was their Goalkeeper. In both games he had six wonderful saves, not only did he save with his hands, he got his chest, shoulders and knees in his shot stopping performance, congratulations young man".

and Second

“My team of the day is the 16 Teachers/Coaches, who through their efforts, commitment, focus and support was truly inspirational and a great delight for me to have them working with me. They not only prepared their team for each round, they also gave Matt and me superb support in refereeing during the afternoon. They all deserve the Teamwork and Sportsmanship Award for their performance, thank you to them all.

Prior to closing the session, Matt reminded everyone about the Leicester City FC Soccer Camp taking place on Thursday and Friday 15th and 16th February at Beaumont Leys Schools LE4 0FL 9.30am to 4.00pm. Leaflets were also given out and we hope to see  many school children there.

In conclusion therefore, a great afternoon of football and wish to take this opportunity to thank Matt my colleague for his tremendous support in what was a thoroughly enjoyable session.

Tuesday 6th February 2018

What a difference a day makes, the snow finally caught up with us, understandably, I would assume that is the reason why three of the schools did not arrive. The fourth, Spinney Hill advised us in good time last week that they couldn't manage.

A lot of time was spent by Adam and me re-arranging fixtures due to only five teams being present giving us only 3 rounds of 15 minute games. There were 2 games not fulfilled and I have asked Tim to reschedule them at a later date.

All credit to the 42 players, teachers and coaches for ensuring the three round that were played and providing great entertainment during the 6 x 15 minute matches with 19 goals scored. There was good build up play by players, stringing 4/5 passes before putting the ball in the back of the net.

There was also a lot of close control of the ball and many players had a great understanding of positional play and running off the ball into space to receive a final pass. Some great shots once again, some from great distance and superb saves by the goalkeepers. Well done to all the players.

My usual thanks to all teachers/coaches for enduring the weather and bringing the players to the afternoon of football, for their support in preparing the players for their matches. They were spared their refereeing duties as Adam and I did cover all on Pitch 1 and 2.

Thank you to Adam for his invaluable contribution and supporting with rescheduling fixtures and refereeing on Pitch 1.

Monday 5th February 2018

Another great night of football, tried to snow, blue skies beat it off, turning a bit cloudy, a little cold but no chill factor.

Thank you to Sam of Judgemeadow CC for ensuring the venue as ready.

We had 7 out of 8 schools attending, with Primary Pru not appearing. Due to this I had to re-arrange fixtures, so thank you to Teachers/ Coaches and Sukh, my colleague for their patience whilst I was doing so. I must give a special mention to Ryan and Owen from Sparkenhoe who made great efforts to get 12 players to the session, prepared to play 6 a side in each team; we agreed it was beneficial to all their players to be able to play. Thank you to them both.

We managed to get 12 league games completed, 56 players totally committed, full of energy, great running and dribbling skills, particularly down the wings. Passing with flair (neat back heels) finding team mates were high on the agenda.

Football Pundits Highlights

I have two highlights

"Goalkeepers were superb in their handling and distribution skills throughout, however, their positioning and shot stopping for me was first class". Well done to them and all the players.

Fair Play/ Sportsmanship

As mentioned earlier, Ryan and Owen from Sparkenhoe only had 12 players from two teams. I had a chat to all Teachers and Coaches if they would agree when playing them if they would object to Sparkenhoe borrowing an either A or B player to make up 7 v 7. Additionally Tom, from Merrydale Juniors in the last round of the evening played 6 v 6 against Sparkenhoe A team as the B team were also playing. This truly is what the game is all about, Respect and Sportsmanship and giving players more playing time. Well done.

Thank you to my colleague Sukh for his assistance in re-arranging fixtures, refereeing on pitch 1 and for his support throughout the afternoon.

Thursday 1st February 2018

What a way to end a fantastic week of schools football, finally no rain at Aylestone, bright start to the afternoon, turning a bit cold, nevertheless we had 5 rounds of good football with 10/12 minute matches.

Football Pundit Highlights

Teachers/Coaches were asked if they wish to send in highlights, if they could let me know by 10.00am the following morning I would include them in my report.

Late one from Dinesh On behalf of Heatherbrook - New College Wednesday

“A great win for Heatherbrook winning 4-2 in their final game, 4 goals from Sekou, the best being from a well worked corner by Katon, nice and quick and into the bottom corner "

Thank you to everyone, all 8 schools arrived on time, 73 players participated in 15 games, of which 14 were very evenly matched with 23 goals scored.

The quality of football was again extremely good, we had what is now considered normal, great running and dribbling with the ball, a beautiful “Cruyff Turn " and some really good shots on goal.

My highlight of the afternoon was “Two fantastic goalkeeping saves following great strikes from the edge of the box with both goalkeepers flying across their goal to tip the ball over the bar for a corner kick ".

Well done to all the players.

A particular thank you to the teachers / coaches for preparing the players, refereeing on pitch 3 and latterly on pitch 1. I am so appreciative of them as they were extremely helpful throughout the afternoon.

To Sarah and Adam, my colleagues for once again for their invaluable support in making the afternoon a great success.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Wednesday 31st January 2018

I express my appreciation to Tim and Wayne of New College for ensuring the repair of the Goals and two goal nets were completed, thank you.

We were sorry to hear that St Mary's Fields could not participate due to unavailability of players; we look forward to welcoming them back next round.

Our new initiative of Football Pundits was extended to the Teachers/Coaches. All they have to do is submit 1 or 2 highlights to me before 10.00am the following morning for me to include in my reports to the league.

Another day of clear skies with 7 schools and 63 players present and ready to start on time. We played 11 league games, 4 friendlies, 12 minutes per game and there was 14 league goals scored.

Football Pundit Highlights

Eddie - On behalf of Folville

Folville v Buswells Lodge

“After a flat first five minutes, the game was sparked into life when Buswells Lodge hit the post with a thunderous shot from outside the box. Folville continued to resist pressure and we managed to play out for a draw"

Thank you Eddie

I will send on additional Highlights when received.

My highlight of the day was “A wonderful set piece. From a corner kick that floated over the heads of defenders to the far post, an attacker met the ball on the half volley and smashed the ball into the back of the net, what a great technique and piece of skill".

Both myself and my colleague Connor commented on the improvement in play and closeness of results, eight of them 1-0 wins, two were 0-0 draws and one 4-2 win. It is clear all teams are well matched and at the same time playing lovely football. There was great defending by Goalkeepers and outfield players putting their body in front of the ball to deflect away from the goal. Also on show was very close control when running and dribbling with the ball with team work and communication shining through. Well done to all the players.

At the close, Connor mentioned to everyone about the forthcoming Soccer Camp during half term at Beaumont Leys and hoped that many would sign up for it.

Finally, thank you to all Teachers/Coaches for their contribution and participation in preparing the players throughout the afternoon Thank you to Richard, our fellow referee for assisting on pitch 3.

A special thank you to Connor, my colleague for his support and significant contribution to the success of the afternoon.

Tuesday 30th January 2018

Another wonderful and clear night for football. We had 6 schools present, 55 players and due to fewer rounds we increased playing time to 15 minutes/20 minutes per match. The players were delighted and once again were totally embraced in each game throughout the afternoon and evening.

Teachers/Coaches were encouraged to become the latest set of Football Pundits and I will include their Highlight(s) of the Day when received. Thank you for their contribution to the day.

Football Pundits Highlights

Liz - on behalf of Mellor

Hi Andy,

Thanks for another great eve of football! All our games were played in great spirit which was lovely to watch! Our team discussed what we thought the highlights were...

We thought Willowbrook's dribbling was excellent and they had a go at shooting for goal from anywhere...very successfully! We can learn from this...our team needs to be brave enough to have a shot!

Abbey B played well and never gave up - another vital lesson...if you fall down, you have to keep on getting up, if you lose the ball, fight to get it back!

 There was some very good play from Queensmead; in particular Niall who had some super shots as well as well controlled dribbling! We can also learn from this...keeping possession is key!

And just a note on our guys...last time we came, we lost every match, we were 3 of our usual players down including our goalie so we did last minute subs including one of our girl team players and one of our outfielders stepped up into goal! Then we started tonight with a 4 nil loss...instead of heads down, they learned from it...they needed to communicate better, trust each other and work harder....and they came out fighting...every single player showed up and played their socks off with some of the best teamwork we have seen so far - we were especially proud of our goalie and our superstar lady - the whole team worked extra hard to play together as there were new people which was great to see! Not only that we got a great win and a well fought for draw against Queensmead who beat us twice on our previous visit! The draw felt like a win and everyone went home smiling! What sport is all about! Happy days!

Thanks again for a great eve!

See you next time,



We played 9 league games with 31 goals being scored and both Adam and myself witnessed some great skills. A particular highlight for us was the number of back heel flicks from players for their team mates to run on to, great to see from players so young.

We thought the defending once again was really good with great goalmouth clearances both by outfield players as well as goalkeepers.

The main highlight for me was the "Predatory Strikers". Twice during the same match the strikers from the same team followed through on a shot on goal, with the ball rebounding off the goalkeeper, they put the ball in the back of the net.

Well done to all players for their performance tonight, both on and off the field. Thank you to the Teachers/Coaches for their significant contribution in preparing their players and for refereeing on pitch 3 during the afternoon. Finally, thank you to Adam, my colleague for his invaluable support in re-arranging fixtures with me and major contribution to the success of the day.

Monday 29th January 2018

Blue Skies, sun shining through like the smiles beaming from the 66 players as they arrived for another night of football. Couple this with another 100% turn out, I and my colleague Zukh certainly felt it was going to be a great night of football.

Prior to kick-off we managed to employ 7 new Football Pundits, equality of pay (all agreed to do it for free) and provide their “Match Day Highlight “for me to include in my schools league report. Thank you to all Teachers/Coaches for creating an additional team.

Football Pundits Highlights

Nick - On behalf of Coleman

“Excellent standard of football all round. Great passing and movement from Humberstone Juniors".

Carl - On behalf of Catherine Juniors

“Highlight for me was the fact that every game was tight and whether win, lose or draw, it was played in the right spirit”

Matt - On behalf of Hope Hamilton

“Thanks for another brilliant night of football, the quality of all the teams there this year is unbelievable. My highlight has got to be our match with Catherine Juniors. Despite being the only game we lost this afternoon, it was a brilliant game to be a part of. Two really evenly matched teams, sharing the same football philosophy, and played great end to end attacking football throughout. Great sportsmanship and a clear mutual respect from all involved - a pleasure to watch ".

Mike - On behalf of Whitehall

“Once again an excellent night of Football. Only problem- we did not score a goal all evening, losing our three games 1-0, and although very close each game, our goalkeepers did not have a lot to do, we missed a lot of chances, but couldn't find the net. Very difficult to pick out an outstanding moment although Humberstone Juniors goal in our round 3 match was very good teamwork and gave our goalkeeper no chance of saving it. Looking forward to the next round of matches and looking to score a goal ".

Neil - On Behalf of Woodstock

Highlight for me was definitely coming back from 2-0 down to win 3-2 in an end to end game against Coleman. A mention needs to go to our Goalkeeper in our second game against Catherine Juniors where he made some fine 1 v 1 saves keeping them out until the last kick of the game ".

Thanks all, great set of highlights and observations.

When Ryan from Abbey A and Jake from Humberstone Juniors send their highlights to me I will forward them on.

After that, what can I add!!

Twelve very close matches, 11 won by the odd goal and one 0-0 draw.

There was 15 goals scored and I was pleased to be refereeing the 5 goal thriller with Coleman v Woodstock, a wonderful game and a great credit to all the players and teachers/Coaches.

On behalf of Zukh and myself, we witnessed some very close games, the goals that were scored were sublimely taken, so much so, eye contact was made with teachers/Coaches and appreciation shown by all.

My final highlight has got to be the CPR performances that took place all afternoon! (no need to panic, no emergency first aid required).

(C)ontrolling the ball, (P)assing the ball, (R)eceiving the ball. The players mastered this so well throughout the afternoon. Well done to them all.

Thank you to the Teachers/Coaches also for refereeing and to Zukh, my colleague for his support during the afternoon.

Thursday 25th January 2018

It was pleasing to arrive and find that all goal nets had been replaced and neatly tightened to ensure that there were no issues.

We had 6 schools out of 7 attend ( Hazel did not arrive) which meant that all teams were on the field of play throughout the duration of the afternoon. We had 2 league games each round with a friendly on pitch 3 on round 1,2 and 4. The teams who did not have a league game in round 3 went to the centre for shelter as the rain was quite heavy and also a cold wind. 

There was 8 league games played, 16 league goals of which 6 were won by the odd goal, 1 draw and 1 with a 2 goal margin. We managed to get round 1 and 4 completed without rain, however, round 2 and 3 was quite heavy. All credit to the players, they were entirely focused and committed to their games and produced great football under difficult conditions.

I spoke to a number of teachers/coaches during the games who agreed the players relish playing, it was the Teachers/Coaches who were a bit colder, but happy the players were enjoying themselves.

As with the other venues, both Sarah and Adam agreed that there is considerable improvement in the quality of play, noticeably the players passing game. Additionally, there were some terrific shots and some cracking goals scored and superb saves by goalkeepers. During some games my attention was drawn to the smaller players and the players wearing glasses. There was a time when smaller players and those wearing glasses were considered not going to make the grade, well tonight they dispelled that theory. Their passing, running, dribbling and physical game was a match for others on the field of play. Well done to them and all players.

On a cold and wet afternoon my appreciation goes to all Teachers/Coaches for enduring these conditions, for being so supportive in refereeing and for preparing their players for their matches. Thank you.

To Sarah and Adam, thank you for your major contribution to the success of the afternoon.

Wednesday 24th January 2018

Whilst it was disappointing for Braunstone CPS not having sufficient players to attend, it was pleasing that they gave early notice of not attending. I had time to redo fixtures based on 9 teams attending, reducing to 7 Rounds for the afternoon. Thank you to Braunstone and also to all the other schools for attending, they made my day by allowing no further fixture changes.

All schools were bright and early, cloudy skies, but dry ( only had 10 minute rain at the end ) to commence on time. 9 Schools attended, 73 players, 20 League games and 1 friendly with 26 League goals scored.

There was plenty of entertainment despite 6 nil-nil draws, 6 1-0 wins with goalkeepers making some really great saves to keep the score lines low. It was Defenders night with a number of goal line clearances both with feet and fantastic defending headers. Goalkeepers build up play from the back was good to watch and a lot of players had exciting close dribbling skills at speed. Well done to all the players.

A special thank you once again to all the Teachers/Coaches for preparing their players, it is great credit to them that we do see lovely football. Also for the contribution in taking ownership to referee on pitch 3. I think it appropriate to give Warwick from Stokes Wood a particular mention as he willingly refereed the majority of matches on pitch 3. Thank you Warwick.

To my colleague Conner for his significant contribution to the success of the afternoon and his participation in providing some of his highlights on his pitch 1. Thank you Connor.

Tuesday 23rd January 2018

Weather forecast - cloudy, what do we get? Rain, can't depend on the weather forecasters. Notwithstanding that, it wasn't too cold and we got all the matches completed.

We had 8 out of 9 teams turn up, with St Barnabas not attending, 68 players and 32 goals scored.

On their return the players, supported by the teachers/coaches were up for it and provided an entertaining afternoon of football. As one team had not turned up I had to re-arranged fixtures, whilst doing this, the teachers/Coaches refereed on pitches 2 and 3 for the first 3 rounds. I wish to express my appreciation to them for doing this.

Once again, the players were very competitive with some good strong ( fair ) tackles going in and they have improved on their first term performance. The technique and skills when running and turning with the ball was very good, some lovely drag backs and inside/outside turns was good to watch. Communication and support play shone through, particularly shouts of " Man On " this great to hear from young players. Well done to them all.

The Teachers/Coaches once again gave the players and myself and Adam wonderful support throughout the afternoon, thank you to them.

Finally, to Adam, my colleague for his support, particularly taking control of the first 3 rounds when I was re-arranging fixtures. Thank you Adam.

Monday 22nd January 2018

Lovely afternoon, blue skies and great playing conditions. Sam of Judgemeadow CC had the 3 pitches ready in good time, thanks for that Sam.

We had 6 out of 8 schools present, with Uplands and Primary Pru not attending, despite this, we had a great afternoon of football, players very keen on their return and Teachers and Coaches totally embracing the matches.

Instead of re-arranging all the fixtures and with 6 teams present we ensured all of the teams played 5 x 12 minute games covering league and friendly matches. We played 8 league matches with 19 goals scored and played 7 friendly matches.

Another exciting and competitive afternoon of football with a number of highlights. One special goal came from 3 players in the penalty box who played 3 give and goes before putting a side footed ball in the net. Another great finish was from the penalty spot, the player shot with great confidence, power and accuracy with the lace of his boot and the ball rocketed into the back of the net. The final highlight for me was that we appeared to have a lot of Crossbar Challenges (not meant of course) with a lot of players having some great shots from outside the box. Some of the shots came off the bar, others were tipped onto the bar by great shot stopping from the keepers and defenders. Well done to all the players.

The Teachers and Coaches were once again very supportive throughout the afternoon and arranged friendlies between them on pitch 3 as the league matches were going on. In addition they were fully engaged in refereeing on pitch 3. Thank you to them all.

Finally, but not least I wish to thank my colleague Matt for his major contribution throughout the afternoon and ensuring we completed a great day of football.


Thursday 18th January 2018

I arrived at the venue at 3.10pm, heavy hailstones and cold, by 3.20pm we had blue skies, I then carried out pitch inspection, put goals back in place, removed refuse from field of play and sorted nets out as best I could to avoid any issues during games. Tim and Wayne are working with each venue to resolve these issues. I contacted Tim to update him of the situation and he felt that the incomplete rounds could be accommodated later in the season.

All teams arrived by 3.55pm in blue skies, still cold, however, we all hope that we could get through all the 5 rounds of matches. Sarah, Adam and teachers and Coaches shared my hope we could finish all rounds. The first 2 rounds went well, however, the heavens opened up during round 3. We managed to complete this although we all could see that the children were wet and cold and at this stage, we all agreed to abandon the remaining rounds of 4 and 5 as the safety of the children was of paramount importance.

Now for the afternoon entertainment. We had 100% turnout of schools, 75 players and 23 goals in 9 games. The players were totally focused and committed despite the cold and wet weather conditions and very competitive. Sarah, Adam and I have seen a major improvement in the players since we started back in September. Their positioning, movement, passing, dribbling and running with and without the ball has progressed so much it is lovely to watch.

There are a lot of highlights we could mention, however, Sarah, Adam and myself thought the following worth a mention without identifying players or school. One team had four passes, final pass down the right flank, the player shoots from the extreme right hand side of the 18 yard line and goes across goal and it  finishes in the net at the far post. The second highlight was after a good build, the player meets the ball a foot off the ground and puts a superb volley over the keepers head for a wonderful goal.

Finally, the fair play and sportsmanship award goes to Adam, the coach of Montrose. With his team drawing 1-1, one of the Braunstone had a shot on goal, we all thought it was a terrific save by the goalkeeper who had launched himself across his goal line and touched it round the post for a corner. Adam signalled that his view of the shot indicated that the ball had gone through the inside netting resulting in the goal being awarded and Braunstone winning. 2-1. Many thanks to Adam for his sportsmanship.

A special thank you to all Teachers and Coaches once again for their support in preparing and coaching their players in readiness of matches. For their assistance in refereeing and participating in the decision in abandoning the session.

I wish to thank my colleagues Sarah and Adam for their support and major contribution to the success of the afternoon, it is very much appreciated.